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2things: Unless and until

2things: Unless and until the parents take the responsibility and accountability of their kids, arts and crafts and "we'll get it done," doesn't mean a thing. Kids are not born knowing how to stay away from trouble, they have to be taught. If the parents won't take that responsibility, kids will wander astray - they have to be taught. Teachers can help, pastors can help, neighbors can help, but the responsibility is still on the parents to enforce what they, the teachers, pastors, and well-meaning people can teach them. Parents are key to this - it's not rocket science to understand that.

Next: Law enforcement works very hard in our city and county, with LOTS of overtime to arrest the thugs that do the crimes, and who also will seek out the stray kids to add them to their pack; but the court system and the lawyers will make deals that gets the thugs right back out on the streets, often in record time! Does anyone really think that teaches the thugs not to go back out and do the same thing again? On the contrary, it teaches them the short cuts to take for the next time the lawman comes to arrest them. Law Enforcement alone can not get control of the bad guys until the parents, lawyers, and the court system takes the responsibility to do their jobs. If they do their jobs, Law Enforcement will get easier when the thugs remain in jail and unable to prey on the kids; and the kids won't be out on the streets to become the hunted prey of the thugs.

No one said it would be easy, but Law Enforcement NEEDS the help of parents, lawyers, AND the court system to work with them if we are EVER to see a turnaround. Parents apparently need a constant reminder that they have the ultimate responsibility of control here. I hope this will be a start for them to think about this - again, it's not rocket science, people!!!


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