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gun show cancellation

What an uninformed statement. Have you ever bought a gun at a show? they are as thorough as any gun shop and have to be by state federal and local law. These knuckle heads shooting up the streets are using guns acquired illegally. Canceling a gun show will do nothing to stop this the only thing it would accomplish is cutting down on revenue for everyone involved including state federal and local taxes.
What a weak minded and unintelligent statement. Please all you gun haters need to actually read a law sometime instead of spouting the liberal mantra. Oh By the way shotgun you can trace every gun sold legally in this country back to it's original salesmen and purchaser. So this is not the problem get it?
It's like saying close the ABC stores due to drunk driving or shut down fast food restaurants due to obesity. Or stop selling computers due to poor eyesight close the beach because of skin cancer. how about this one close Lowe's because of deforestation.
If we would only enforce the laws we have already a whole bunch of problems would go away like immigration for example but when the President can pick and choose which laws to enforce(which is illegal by the way) what difference will any of it make.


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