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Place The Shoe on The other Foot!

It's Very Sad, that Ppl could feel this way about another human being. Speaking for a multi race background , it jus goes to show how IGNORANT BOTH sides can be. My heart reaches out to the spencer and smith family. No justice was not served. Justice Will never be served til we come together and set aside our different ways! Us as Ppl are in trouble. I prayed long and hard that god would touch this Stituation and it would have a different end. I'm jus wondering if the shoe was on the other foot and it was a African American cop and a white American would the comments be so cruel?? Probably not Someway and somehow they would mk the officer look bad. We are living in our last days Ppl, don't let somebody else mistake or past trouble your hearts! God bless America and god bless New Hanover County. Taking one ""thug""" off the street doesn't mean your safe, what about the molester, theives, and killers we surround ourselves around Daily! Open your Eyes Ppl and not your races mouths !


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