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How else did you think it would end?

I am a lifelong wilmington resident and 12 generations deep here.
We have seen a quick deterioration of our city and county over the past 25years.
I feel it's a terrible thing when somebody has to die! But how did this mans family and friends think it would end for him? He chose a lifestyle that has no retirement, no long term goals, nothing but victims and heartbreak!

He was either going to be killed by one of his own or put in prison again and again. He is a true loser just like all his boys that look to him as a hero! The killing will continue until parents start raising their children with good morals and ethics! I for one think public housing should be done away with, it has and always will be a breeding ground for crime and poverty. I think instead of us wasting money on convention centers that are failing as we speak. Put money into more educated and competent law enforcement. That are capable of doing their jobs.
WPD, and NHSO need an overhaul top to bottom! This stuff got out of hand on your watch! Hire the best for the job that has to be done. Not what can this applicant do for me personally. City council, county commissioners don't run for re election! We either need you to be on board for the citizens, all of us not just a segment of us.

I feel a complete house cleaning needs to happen. For us to get a handle on the problem that has started years ago


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