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While you're saying your

While you're saying your "prayers" for the family...why not pray that the family smartens up? IF "the family" had bothered to say something instead of hiding him out his children might still have a father. IF "the family" has any concern AT ALL maybe they should turn it in to lessons for the children that are left.
Leave it to people like you who want to put hearts and flowers on someone because they're dead. REALITY will save those who think it's cool to run the streets like this guy. I said: REALITY. If this was one of my boys, you can BET I'd be showing anyone and everyone who would listen what his CHOICES got him.
Isn't it cute that you so slickly passed judgement on the person who posted anonymously right before you went to say "prayers" for the family per your (also) anonymous post.
Hypocrisy should be your screen name.


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