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We all have choices to make. We all have made some wrong choices in our life sometime or another. Like I smoked pot ONCE, got drunk and pissed in the street, missed a court date or two and I could go on, as I am sure that you can too. BUT I HAVENT EVER held a gun nor do I have the desire too, NOR have I thought about killing anyone. I come from a two parent home and I still did a few things.. But MOST OF ALL I HAVE MORALS and VALUES.. I ahve friends that live in the projects or government public housing and they have children that are doctors, nurses, mechanics, social workes and the list goes on. And they came from a single family home. Now what is the excuse.. Back to choices.. The deputy CHOSE to be a Deputy Sheriff Officer and make a difference in ppl lifes. Why would another person make the CHOICE to take away his right? I wish that Mr. Smith had made a better CHOICE before that day, the day of the incident and the days after. I pray for Mr. Smiths family, I hope and pray that they attempted to talk, pray and plead for him to turn himself into police authorities. I am not judging him because God will do that.Do the crime do the time.. I am praying for his family as well as the deputy officer family.


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