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at least

at least one of our local law enforcement agencies can aim, fire, shoot and hit a target. Wait.. maybe that's thy crime in the city is too bad.. all the criminals can shoot better than the city law enforcement.. I mean, two misses in 48 hours.. See.. The good ol boy network DOES work sometime... Well, when shooting someone is involved that is..
That begs the question.. Two WPD officers fire at a suspect twice in a week. Both officers, one who is an "undercover" detective, miss their targets when firing at in a life or death situation. BOTH WPD officers MISS their intended targets.

In the same 7 day spread, ONE detective/deputy with the Sherriff department fires a shot also in the same knife and death situation and fatally wounds his suspect..

I am not saying NHCSD +1 vs WPD negative 2..
I'm saying WPD needs to get their boys in more training instead of training within their own department cause it 'aint' working..

I see deputies ALL the time on 421 shooting... WPD? Hardly ever and it shows..

WPD cops get pudgy (many) and they sit in cars with speed traps making that revenue way to often.. three cops, one three mile section of Oleander Dr, running speed traps in unison... PLEASE... Oleander is one of the ONLY roads in Wilmington (along with Kerr Ave) that drivers go UNDER the speed limit (they have to text and drive instead..) WPD will sit their all day..
When I was a kid, I got in trouble... Old school Wilmington cops like Detective Pat Pridgen, Ralph Shingleton, and even Bullard were tough old school.. They knew everyone, they treated everyone fairly.. They also didn't put up with Crime, and there was very little.. You have more city cops in White affluent areas, that you do on patrol in the hood... Statistically it should be vise versa...

The issue is not with the city cops, rather its with their leadership somewhere in their chain of command..

Not saying its their fault that crime has risen, not saying its not.. Just saying when its broke, and the leader is saying their is LESS crime when there is more, time for new leadership.

Seriously.. Ed McMahon makes me laugh.. Seriously.. But at least he is right there with his deputies, and he is trying to do something.. City chief wouldn't know what to do if a desk moved out from under him...

It shows.. Deputies in the county while they can be real you know what holes.. They are fair...

In the city.. City cops look, act, seem ticket off all the time.. Too serious, too unhappy... How can anything be effective if that the moral of your place of work... Make Chief E would just be the fall guy, but seriously.. something's gotta give.. Something needs to change..

Hope this joint task thing puts deputies in the city..

think about it.. 3 hardcore rednecks with anger management issues with an automatic and a shotgun.. Case closed.


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