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"Multiple gunshots were fired"

I, too, am relieved that this guy was found before he shot someone else, but the story leaves many unanswered questions about how he died. All the news has said was that there were "multiple shots fired", but it never says that he was shooting at the police or a gun was found. Was he armed? Was he shooting back at the police that day in the woods, or was he unarmed and running from police fire? Was this really a shoot out between an armed and shooting thug and the police? I, too, think the SBI has a lot of work to do in investigating this one. We learned Det. Spencer's name and condition almost immediately after he was struck, but they aren't giving any additional information about the names or status of the officers who took down Smith. Words are chosen carefully by David when he said that "Smith was killed after a car chase and foot chase ended with shots fired".


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