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I am honsetly not surprised

I am honsetly not surprised that he got shot because he shot a cop and when people do that the police take it in their own hands. Look at the MOVE PEOPLE FROM PHILADELPHIA, WACO SITUATION IN TEXAS and NUMEROUS times when a cop killing fugitive is taken down before he can even be brought in

I was driving around and have NEVER seen so many cops in one area, I somehow had an idea that someone shot a cop just by the way the situation was looking

and because he shot the deputy to evade arrest, the cops saw him as armed and extremely dangerous and shot numerous shots as warning before bringing him down. They had little choice if he was intending on hurting them, while they may have acted overbearing if they shot first.

honestly, I did not think they would bring that man into custody due to the fact that he shot a police officer, most of the times these people are taken down before they can even be arrested.

You always remember that "armed and extremely dangerous" steps them up in gear and they become carved out warriors ready to take you down any way they can if they believe that you are dangerous!


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