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Criticizing the men in blue

Criticizing the men in blue and brown does nothing but show division that is what the gangs need to thrive. The two departments have had rough times but don’t blame all the crime in the area on them. The main problem is the same in all growing cities, the lack of family supervision, the lack of jobs, the lack of good strong role models in these kids lives, when they don’t find it at home they will go to the streets for it. These problems won’t just go away; they will grow like weeds if not stopped. One way is stronger enforcement of gang activity laws, these can be enforced in the housing projects very easily, the city can kick anyone out and bar them, and the housing authority has complete power over the PJ’s. Have housing sweeps, warrant teams that are highly aggressive work as well. Let the dirt bags know that they are not in charge even on their own turf. Giuliani took back NYC with the window pane approach, which means that all laws are equally enforceable, and should be enforced equally. Remember Alfonse Capone never did time for any murders he committed, he did time for tax evasion.


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