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Hey bigshot that talks a lot...

...why don't you strap on a few campaign posters and try your run for Sheriff or WPD police chief and go clean house! For someone that seems to know so much about both divisions, you should file formal complaints with the DA's office.

My best guess is that you don't know diddly about diddly, much less the function of our local police operations. You're likely no more than one of those losers like KBlue that spouts off at the mouth while being a legend in your own mind, yet seethes of total incompetence.

You have little, if any knowledge of this areas "trust" in local law enforcement. You are wrong in your assessment and lack any of the credentials necessary to evaluate ANYONE else's.

If you have real answers to real problems within our police agencies, step up and make them known. If you can't and don't, you're simply nothing other than part of the problem!


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