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We are lucky to have our

We are lucky to have our Sheriff, and our Wilmington Police Chief. Both care about their people, have lots of experience, and do a very good job. In the wake of all this gangster crime, it is in the nature of the beast, to create a new team, or introduce a new plan. It would be political suicide not to. But combining these agencies is a bad idea.

Unlike past times, the current top leaders, seem to get along, and work good together. Combining forces, will create many problems. History has shown that it has been a disaster to mix the WPD with the NHCSD. Just look at the 3X we tried it, with Vice, over the last 30 years. When you have a shared command, you're gonna have problems.

I hate to admit it. But Law Enforcement is Government, and Government is Political. No matter how you slice it. Sooner or later, you're going to have problems, sooner or later, there will be mistakes. When problems and mistakes happen, LE agencies will try to keep them off themselves, and scapegoat the other guy. Fingers will be pointed, and the "Blame Game", will once again, rear it's ugly head. That's just a fact.

I don't want the LE Officers, or our top leaders, having to go through some of the horrible political feuds that occurred in the past. Over who gets the credit, or blame. Like we so often had in those past Vice Units.

If they're gonna use both organizations to fight the same problem, they need to have their own separate teams. Each LE Officer only under the command of their respective agency. With 12 hour shifts. Maybe the Sheriff can cover 2 days, then the WPD cover 2 days. The departments can alternate weekend duty. They should share information. But always work separate shifts.

When law enforcement officers, from different agencies, team-up, for a long period of time, you're gonna have a Pandora's Box. Chief Evangelous and Sheriff McMahon are good leaders, and they seem friendly, with each other. But something tells me they might not be, in a year from now, when the credit, and blame, starts getting divided up.


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