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This thug shot a cop and now just like always he didn't do anything wrong. lets go and call in the naacp just like you always do because you people refuse to accept responsibility for your actions. Mess like this would not ever happen if you guys had a job and try to be productive citizens in society. This is a choice you make to sell drugs and steal from people. ( A CHOICE ) No I am not sorry for your loss he shot a cop how do you think his family feels. For once in your life think about the other person he shot instead of your self. When you do wrong in life think about the consequences before you act. Maybe this is a start to clean Wilmington up let this teach you guys a lesson if you mess up shoot a humane being you should be killed end of story just like he went to the end of a dead end. THIS IS NOT RACIAL PROFILING the Bible says a eye for a eye.


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