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I'm so thankful she spoke

I'm so thankful she spoke out. She has illustrated a point, about Creekwood, that I have been screaming about, for weeks.

Again. Why are we spending $14 million on Creekwood ? She, and late Baby-Daddy, Monster, are the perfect example of the huge problem, all this Creekwood spending has created, and continues supporting.

These two people, illustrate, a good example, of what I have been seeing in Creekwood, for years. I beg every taxpayer, and voter, save this news story, and show it to your friends.

Creekwood is by far, the worst crime area in town. We could cut crime there, 99%, in less then 3 months. Empty it out. Let private interests buy, and develop it. It could be another area, like Sunset Park. We could have a productive community, instead of people like him and her.

Stop paying people to live unproductive lives. When you do, these two are the result.


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