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Are we surprised?

This guy was probably a product of a fatherless home.
I am not surprised with the crime that's going on here. I am a black man that is looked down on by some of my own kind for staying married and raising my two children. I am finding it very difficult to find black families where the fathers are still in the home or even known. This type behavior will continue to get worse unless my black brothers start stepping up and leading by example. Instead my hard work is ridiculed and looked at as being a Uncle Tom!

My race is almost a complete disaster brought on by government handouts and the promoting of single parent households where no father is in the picture. Except maybe the ghetto thug who lays around all day, then comes out at night to do their Hustle! The black family is simply harder to find than any other group in the nation. And it's Our fault! The politicians that want to hand stuff to you for free, really wants to keep us in tighter chains than we dealt with 150years ago. Remember what I am saying when you go to vote!


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