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Not at all

Why don't you mentor since you seem to believe you are so fabulous! You are apart of the problem Mr. Fab. Please go have a seat somewhere and continue doing nothing to empower those of your race and keep comments to yourself. Unless you are going to do something besides spew negativity, bashing a race of people is unacceptable.! There a many of our race that are doing positive things and they just don't make the news. Positivity is not a great headline and doesn't bring clicks to the story. We are a beautiful race of people. Perhaps if they ( those of your race that you look down upon or those you seem to think you are better than) saw an example of a fabulous man such as yourself doing something with them and shown that someone as fabulous as yourself cares, it would perhaps change a life and then in turn have a domino effect for generations.

Judging by your comments here, I would say the Uncle Tom assessment is correct but for the wrong reason. It is because you seem to believe that you are better than most and feel the need to look down on another person (and not just of your on race).

Please do better or keep the ignorance to yourself.


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