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I'm sorry but I completely

I'm sorry but I completely disagree with your comment. How children turn out in my opinion has nothing to do with their family status. I was raised, with my two brothers(we have the same parents), by a single mother. Older brother:In the air-force,27, no kids. Younger brother: 18,high-school graduate( actually graduated with this young man), currently in college, no kids. Myself(only girl): 25, college graduate, no kids, and married. Oh let me not forget my husband raised by his single mother:25, married, no kids, and receiving his masters in mathematics this December. How can this be? Our parents raised us with values. They taught us the importance of hard work and nothing comes free. Plenty of people raised by both parents do bad things. If you raise your children as a parent and not as a friend it is my opinion they may not go down this path. I would also like to add that many young black people I run into are either married or wanting to get married. Maybe they are different where you are from but don't put that on the whole race. There are plenty of black men taking care of their kids...don't overshadow them with the ones who don't. That's just ignorant.


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