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Let's talk about the case of Peyton Strickland

Who on here remembers Peyton Strickland? Oh come on, think back. You remember the white kid along with his 2 friends that severely beat down a young UNCW student in a parking lot and stole his 2 newly purchased Playstations. Nowwww you remember, right. Remember how they robbers had pictures on facebook posing with firearms. Sherriff Causey was quoted as saying "Anytime that someone beats a person severely and commits an armed robbery, I certainly would consider him a risk and a danger”. While trying to serve Peyton a warrant for his arrest he was shot and killed because they thought he was armed, only to learn he was holding a game controller. So let’s see… we have a thug who beat down a fellow student and robbed him of something he stood in line 3 days to buy. Was shot by a specially trained team who only knew this kid attacked someone and has posed with weapons on facebook. If this had been a black kid, this would have been end of the story right. Yeah Right! But nope, it wasn’t. Well, it turns out this kids father is a well-known attorney in Raleigh/Durham area. All of a sudden the tide had changed and the SWAT team that killed the teen was then under scrutiny for the shooting. An Ex-Cop was charged in this shooting. And this is what Peyton’s family had to say after the indictment of this cop. "This indictment is an important first step in holding accountable everyone responsible for Peyton's death — but this is only a first step," his parents, Don and Kathy Strickland, said in a written statement. "None of these actions can bring Peyton back to us, but perhaps they can save someone else's child." Wow! Unbelievable. Their son and his 2 friends had attacked and robbed a young man… beat him to the ground! And Peyton’s family wanted justice for his death. (The same justice Trayvon Martin’s family wanted for the senseless murder of their son who did NO wrong to deserve his death) Ok, back to Peyton. So his parent’s won a 2.5 million wrongful death suit against NHC Sherriff’s Dept. That means YOU/WE the taxpayer had to cough up that money to pay the Strickland’s for the crimes their son committed. Also, they won a settlement from UNCW for 150K for his estate. And what did Peyton’s family say about this? Don Strickland also said he hoped the settlement would go a long way toward restoring his son’s “great character and good name by having the truth about him come out through this litigation.” THERE’S MORE.. “We are pleased that we were able to ... make Wilmington a safer place – which is a fitting tribute to Peyton’s memory,” the family statement said. **SAFER??? Their Thug son was the one going around robbing people… but they are making Wilmington SAFER!!*** And get this folks…The UNCW statement acknowledges that Peyton Strickland was unarmed at the time of the shooting, did nothing to provoke the gunfire and had no criminal record. Also, that Peyton was a “local college student in good standing, a friend to many and a talented young industrial artist.” OH YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE… HOLD ON THERE’S MORE. A memorial to remember Peyton Strickland was set up at Cape Fear Community College's welding department. A plaque was revealed memorializing Strickland through a scholarship program set up in his name. WTH!!!! This Thug got a plaque hanging at the local College. Un-freaking-believable!! Why?? Because he was WHITE and his Dad was a top notch attorney. BOOM! So what say you folks. Here you have a young 18 year old son of an ATTORNEY that beat someone down to the ground and then robs him.. is honored by your local college with a plaque and the city awarded his family with 2.5 million. How do you feel about that? Was he too a good kid? Did he deserve to die because of his actions? Did HIS parents not raise him right… are they to blame for his actions? In the case of Jalani, his parents are good hard-working people. Jalani was a College student at A&T. His parents were so proud of him when he went off to college. They did the best they could with their son, but he made bad choices along the way. As we all make in life. One sin is not greater then the next sin. Sin is Sin! Don’t sit on your high horses and act like your poop don’t stink just because you are sitting behind a keyboard typing racist comments. Our youth are in trouble and we need to find out a way to help them. Not wish death and destruction… but speak LIFE. Food for Thought


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