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GUEST 6858 your display of ignorance is deplorable

How did you take what I said and turn it around and call ME a racist??? You are clearly delusional. My reference to those posting hurtful comments does not mean I'm a racist. So take your white pointed mask off your face and get a life. Although I no longer live in the Port, my heart is still there. I bet you were not even born in the Port. My heart hurts for my city and the youths that are lost. I am not saying what they did wasn't wrong. I'm simply asking people to refrain from posting hurtful remarks that the family IS READING! JUST STOP IT!!! The family did no wrong... they are just being there for their son AS THEY SHOULD! Jalani needs the support of his family now more then ever. He has lost his 1st cousin and his best friend b/c of their actions. Don't punish the family for doing what's best for their loved ones. I bet you were there for someone you've loved regardless of what they did. If you say you didn't... then you are a LIAR!!!


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