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THUGS, THUGS, THUGS ,THUGS. People we have seen this going on for the past year or more. I hate someone lost their life in this case but they were dealt with what they were seeking. SORRY! Let's don't forget about the young man downtown killed and robbed for his phone, sandwich, and what little bit of money he had. He was white. Killers were black. I don't really give a crap what color either one of them were. But what really pisses me off is to hear the family members of these thugs, white or black, or Hispanic, Asian . Folks let's face it no one is perfect. But again I am damn tired of these family members coming into the media spotlight saying how good their child was. He's been or she a great kid. Quit making excuses. No one feels sorry for you're child being killed robbing innocent people and then trying to shoot at authorities. Realize people no matter what race you are, we all are humans and have feelings. Thank god for what you have and please talk to you're kid folks. They always need mentoring. Thug ism isn't helping anyone. Black people you are killing you're on race yourself. So please quit blaming the white man. Slavery has been over with. I am 38 year old white man. Not a racist bone in my body. Best friend is black. So please stand back and look what is happening. ALL RACES. Please.


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