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Issues between blacks and

Issues between blacks and whites?

I'm sorry, I fail to understand something.

What are these issues?

Most of society has moved into the 21st century. "Race" means practically nothing to a couple of generations of adults already in the work force. We didn't have school segregation, we didn't have race riots, we didn't hate blacks growing up. We don't give a crap what color someone is. We just care if they can do the job and have good morals.

It is old heads who want to dwell on crap that happened generations ago that drag this progress. MLK would be ashamed. His dream was for people to be measured by their character. Most of the younger generations (under 40) of whites have embraced MLK's ideals, and don't appreciate the stupidity that comes with this "we've got to fix the problems that don't exist" crap.

Here is the issue: How about you raise a FULL generation of black males that contribute to society, take care of their kids, wear rubbers, and don't embrace the "thug" life and terrorize and murder all races of people in the inner city, PRIMARILY OTHER BLACKS, making the ones that can afford to move out. THEY are causing this "segregation" you speak of. Why would anyone live in an area where robberies and shootings and murders are common. So far this year there have been over 150 calls for shots fired in the historical area of Wilmington. Who would live in the most dangerous areas where that is happening if they didn't have to?

There are almost no black and white issues, beyond what the black community manufactures. But there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of black on black issues that need to be addressed across the nation.

Those black males and those that support them cause more "issues" than any other thing.

Until you fix the issues, the incredibly huge issues, in your own community, leave the rest of us, black and white, who manage to grow up together, to work together, go to war together, and be friends together and raise our kids together--all without spontaneously combusting, alone.


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