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"Sonya Muldrow has lived in Creekwood all of her life."

Now I don't know Ms. Muldrows situation or age, but just how many of the residents of Creekwood have lived there their entire lives? I was of the understanding that subsidized housing was in place to help people get back on their feet. Not raise generations of kids on the Government dime.

I have a handicapped brother that works part time and is one of the people truly in need, but there's nowhere in this town for him to live. No vacancies and even if there were, he would be robbed blind or worse within a month!

My family and I have been through the ringer with every agency in NC as far as trying to get him help. A case worker in Raleigh came right out and told me that he would be better off if he didn't work! What kind of attitude is that? For now I'll just let him keep staying in a rental property I own where he's safe. I'm grateful that I have that ability, but I'm extremely upset that my taxes are going to people that take advantage of a system that was designed to help people through rough times and give them a chance to become productive members of society.

Drug test them all and require mandatory community service for those physically able.

Disclaimer: I'm sure there are many in Creekwood and the other housing projects that are truly deserving of the help they receive. To them I say do your part to help rid these communities of the criminals and moochers of society! Plenty of anonymous tip lines available.


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