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The curfew, as far as I understand, is not the only rule of this major change. The law abiding folks that live there won't be effected, except to provide proof of legal residency. No one that lives here can have more than 8 visitors from outside of the community without having permission to do so. Young people under 17 cannot be out after 10:00pm at night until 5:00am in the morning (11:00pm on the weekends) unless they have proof that they are coming home from a church, school, or emergency outing. Makes perfect sense to me. My children were given nightly curfews, as was I. Since our tax dollars pay for these communities and pay for the people to live and eat there, and pay for the police department constantly called out there because of the thugs and putting themselves in harms way, I think we have some say in how these communities are run. If that means creating rules, then so be it. If you want to live there, then play by the rules.


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