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WOW! Just WOW!

"You might can incarcerate me physically or block me in physically, but mentally you can never gate me up,” said Muldrow.

Seems to me that a lifetime on the government teet has incarcerated you both physically and mentally, Ms. Muldrow. Have you no self-respect, lady? How about becoming a productive member of society and move out of your lifelong public housing?! Quit being an urchin!!!!!

Dear WHA - How about a limit on the length of time people are able to live in public housing? Hold these people accountable for their own damn lives!!! Everyone is afforded the same opportunities, whether people wish to believe it or not. Public education is the same regardless of whether you're black, white, red, brown, yellow or purple. Everyone has the EXACT SAME opportunity to get an education and be a fruitful member of the community; but some people choose not to do what is expected in life. I, for one, am sick of supporting those who refuse to support themselves.


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