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Honestly! Police officers

Honestly! Police officers putting their lives at risk for the public don't make that salary. Teachers have been underpaid for years and it is ridiculous that these secretaries make such a salary without calling for a degree. Teachers go into their profession usually still owing for their degrees which is mandatory to get their jobs. The Superintendent and all of his Assistant Superintendents make 110-130K. They have directors and such making 75-90K. This organization is obviously upside down in how it pays its staff. With the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, Executive Directors, Directors, and their secretaries making so much money is is no wonder there isn't enough money to pay the teachers like they should. It is clear now why the Superintendent and his secretary had the time. The Board shouldn't think everyone who votes automatically believes what they say. There are those of us that look at the record and operate with common sense.


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