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"African American" or "African-American" ?

Actually both are correct. If you Google it up, you'll find a slightly higher percentage of the use of “African American". Ohio State University, for instance has a "Department of African American and African Studies".

Of course, this whole politically correct labeling thing is totally bizarre. Are Arabs from North Africa who reside in the U.S. "African American" or are they Arabs, and if so why? What about "Whites"? Why are they just labeled by skin color? Isn't that why blacks aren't labeled by skin color anymore; because it's discriminatory? Why don't "Whites" get a special title too? Maybe they should be called "European Americans", or maybe "Caucasian Americans", or maybe that should be reserved just for people from the Caucasus mountain region of Eastern Europe. And what about Asians? It just doesn't seem fair that a group of people whose residence covers such a huge part of our planet shouldn't have more regional distinctions as well. To not do that is to say that all Asians are alike and that's just darn politically incorrect!

Maybe we should just assign numbers to various ethnic groups. Now that I think about it, that won't work either, because everybody wants to be number one.

That's the trouble with political correctness. The more you stir it up, the murkier it gets.


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