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gang violence

Okay here we go again. If the black community was given "special" consideration again in jobs rather than sticking with their schooling and getting a college education themselves like the "whites" that have bettered their lives have done then it would curb gang violence! Back in the late 50s and early 60s I was all for ending segregation. I did the marches, made posters, spoke out much to the dismay of some of my prejudiced white kin. And not only me but multitudes of others. I was raised that I was not better than anyone else and we were all the same beneath the color of our skins. Then in the early 60s I went into the army. While on overseas duty more and more blacks entered our outfit in the barracks. Eventually a black sergeant had seniority and became barracks sergeant. He gave us whites all the dirtiest cleaning details especially the bathrooms and showers. The black soldiers laid back and watched us and snickered at us. Back when we had a white barracks sergeant you better believe duties had to be "equally divided." One day I asked the black sergeant why was he giving us whites all the dirtiest cleaning duties? His answer was the blacks had to do the dirty duties for whites for many years and the blacks were not going to be satisfied until the whites had to "bow down to the blacks as they had to do to the whites for many years." I asked wasn't that making him as prejudice as many whites were? He said yes and that was the way most blacks felt. Needless to say it knocked me off my cloud. Then after returning back to the states and going to work for one of largest employers in the area I again found myself working within a department that was at least half blacks. We whites were given more duties because our boss did not want to "upset" the blacks. Not only that the blacks could talk back to our boss as were all bosses in the business given the same tongue and our employer would not do a thing about it because the company was given tax breaks for all the percentages of races hired. During all this what kept going through my mind is what the great Dr. Martin Luther King said in his famous speech in Washington, DC. He said that he envisioned the time when EVERY ONE was treated by the "content of their character and not the color of their skin." It is not happening as many of the blacks have gotten their way by hollering they are being still treated unfairly and get advantages that way that the poorer whites cannot get. Even on forms to be filed by our employer to be sent in to the government on who were to be given scholarships the first paragraph stated the person had to be Afro-American! They gave eight scholarships per year to blacks and none to whites or other races. Not only that the GPA of the black person was not taken in to consideration! Look around us. The rich children whether their parents are black, white, red or yellow move ahead because their parents can afford to give them the extras in life. Best Universities, better homes etc. But so many poor whites have pulled themselves up by the boot straps and moved ahead by working their way through colleges and universities. Do the blacks not realize the poor whites are treated badly by the rich whites or the wealthy of any race? Then we look at the blacks still hollering they are treated unfairly and expect things to be "handed" to them. No, the answer to everyone getting ahead is hard work and earning your place in this world. By the continuing of hollering other races are against them and keeping them down only makes other races have the hard feelings on and on. I came from a very small town and my Dad was one of the town alcoholics. Nothing was expected of me by the people in our town except that I would go down that same road like my Dad. But by my mother taking me to church and hearing God and my Savior Lord Jesus Christ's words on what is right and wrong I was determined I would prove everyone in that small town wrong and I have. By the Grace of God I got my education and worked hard and being frugal. I have had a very successful marriage, have a nice home and raised some very successful children and now they are in the professional world after getting their education by "working" they way through college and universities. BTW the woman I feel in love with and married was also from the "poor white society." We did not stay on the bottom of society and expect things to be handed to us on a silver platter we WORKED our way upward. When telling blacks this in the past I was then told yes but you're white. Folks it doesn't matter what the color of your skin. If you allow it then all of society will keep you on the bottom. Only you can successfully work your way upward. By going at it the way many blacks are still doing they are only hurting and creating bad feelings between the races over and over. Same as blacks know when they are in the presents of a prejudice person we whites know the same when in the presents of a prejudice black. And there are as many on BOTH sides! What are the blacks saying about the other blacks that became successful by sticking with their education,working and moving ahead? Our Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has spoken out many times that he will not give blacks the "special privileges" because like him if you work for it the success will come and by given blacks special privileges he'd be saying they weren't able to achieve it by their own brains.
Why can the black society not see by hollering for "special" rights and special considerations keeps creating bad race relations?
Maybe someday they will wake up and heed Dr. King's words to be judged by the content of their character and not the COLOR of their skin.


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