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Nothing of Substance Discussed at Meeting

I was there, and community leaders tiptoed around the major contributor of gang violence: BLACK CULTURE!

For too long black leaders have turned a blind eye to the depraved culture created by the Hip Hop community, a culture that celebrates a thug, criminal way of life. Have these "leaders" ever listened to the hateful, obscene, illiterate, misogynistic and homophobic messages in these rap lyrics, the most obscene and violent "music" of all time?

Blacks have produced a "music" that has, from its infancy, celebrated violence.

Make no mistake about it, the violent gangs in downtown Wilmington emulate the rap lifestyle celebrated in its lyrics.

I did not expect Wilmington's leaders to address the cause of the problem. The scared-to-death whites said not a word about the destructive elements of black culture, and the black leaders would never admit to any basic flaws in their culture.

The subject of black teenage girls in their early teens having babies was practically ignored. Baby mamas and Baby daddies? Not a word! The lack of a work ethic in so many young inner-city males was ignored. While young Hispanic men are out working from sun-up to sun-down, so many inner-city black males are standing around street corners talking jive.

Black culture today, for all intents and purposes, is thug culture. The culture of Hip Hop has enormous influence over black youth, and its creators have gotten rich glorifying debased and degrading behavior.

There will never be any substantive discussion about race in Wilmington because the truth is too volatile.


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