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Black Women

I am amazed that for decades rappers have called black women bi*ches and hoes with hardly any protest from the black community.

When you have an entire culture of rap that celebrates guns--glorifies gun violence-- and drive-by shootings and bi*ches and hoes and homos and other offensive, degrading themes, and when you have *children* listening to this garbage, it's no wonder we have a gang culture.

Children listen to rap and BANG! BANG! BANG!

The problem goes far deeper than the predictable list of politically-correct inequalities our shallow leaders addressed. Leaders? Hardly.

And I would like to add one more comment about our Hispanic community. The Mexicans in our midst are a hardworking minority who will rise above their poverty. They will do it through hard work, and they will take any kind of job, and employees are delighted to hire them.

Please, leaders, if you have no insight, and you are unwilling to look objectively at the problem of black culture, just keep your mouths shut. You are doing nothing to help the crime problem. You are, in fact, most likely making it worse by offering excuses.


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