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Teach black men to be the spiritual and financial head of home

The lack of male role models and government entitlement programs has usurped the black community's power and lulled it into complacent acceptance of what passes for a work ethic. If the only successful males a child grows up interacting with are those who are living crime-filled lives of drugs and cheap thrills, that is what they copy. Yes, the black churches need to step up. Someone needs to raise the children and right now, when children are having children, no one is being raised to be anything but another statistical failure. It isn't true that we are all the same except for skin color. What an idiotic notion and one that refuses to acknowledge differences in culture, upbringing and genetics. That isn't even true of all caucasians. The caucasian race has always known that some ethnicities and nationalities are more notable than others and that our gifts and talents vary along ethnic lines. Ask any white man or woman whether they'd rather have a German mechanic or a German lover.


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