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Ok here we go again?

Kingstonman? Really, why do you utilize Dr. Kings' words to cover your hidden mindset? Who do you people on here get your information concerning the character of a race, from the percentage of African American males committing crimes in Wilmington?

Your quote, " Do the blacks not realize the poor whites are treated badly by the rich whites or the wealthy of any race? Then we look at the blacks still hollering they are treated unfairly and expect things to be "handed" to them." Your words are clearly understood. What I gathered from start to finish is your attempt to undermine our "Hispanic" citizens' intelligence as well as the "poor whites" in your long and unbelievable story. Umm especially in the barracks, what year(s) was that?

As a hardworking, college educated female here in Wilmington, there is more that must and can be done to combat the problem of gangs. And yes, just talking is definitely not the answer. The QUESTION is why do we have this problem. Wilmington undercover racists can't continue sticking their heads in the sand and keep screaming that, "you & those others words" "blacks only want for entitlements". We must put into place, structures to alleviate the problems before they start, we have some of the brightest talent at CFCC, UNCW, SHAW that can assist with setting up afterschool workshops, tutoring, physical activity, etc for all children to keep them away from trouble and to provide the loving care that they need at a young age.

Remind me, what was the walk for the other day, oh yes, 1898, no I wasn't there, neither were you guys, but, WHAT HAPPENED AGAIN, WHO HAD WHAT, THE DEEDS WERE WHAT? DESTROYED? WHO WAS USED TO INITIATE THE FIGHTING AND KILLING, your words again, "poor whites". WHO WERE TOLD "NEVER HAVE SUCH POWER AGAIN IN WILMINGTON".

Let's not be foolish, we understand that racism still exists in the world, sad, but things change, people must change. May blessings flow for us all.

Thank you.


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