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Last time I checked, Corning was a business and not a prison

This is not the 1910s. If working conditions are unsafe or inhumane, DENR, OSHA, or a variety of other government agencies could get involved with a simple phone call from someone.

Your complaints are typical. You feel entitled to making more money for doing the exact same thing without making any personal effort to give more value to the company (training, education, etc.). Productivity is a key metric in business. That is, get more out with the same resources through non-value waste elimination.

BTW, there are tens of millions of people in this country who are un- or underemployed who would work there in a minute. Corning is not a prison, if it is that bad, then quit and go find something else to do.

Note: I do NOT work for Corning or any of its subsidiaries.


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