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Your compassion is

Your compassion is astounding. With the poor economy and the lack of jobs, it is a bit harsh to want to deny kids an opportunity to eat. I guess you would rather they just be hungry all the time and suffer the illnesses that happen because of a lack of nutrition.

There was a kid that went to school with my daughter. On paper, the boy's father made too much money for him to get a free or even reduced lunch. The mother had cancer and their money went towards paying her medical bills and to pay for her funeral. He didn't have money for lunch. I don't reckon he or his family were "unmotivated, entitled feeling individuals".

I have an aunt who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident. She was not able to work. Her husband left her with two kids. She remarried and the second husband died they had one child together. I am glad her children had a way to eat at school, because they were dirt poor and not guaranteed a meal at home. My cousins weren't "unmotivated, entitled feeling individuals".

You know, it's rather funny that you, a former teacher, would accuse someone of being an entitled feeling individual. Teachers have that same sense of entitlement. Teachers think that they are entitled to raises although their salaries are above the average in North
Carolina. Teachers think they are entitled to keep their job regardless of how poorly they do their jobs. Teachers think that they are entitled to be free from competition in the workplace.


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