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I am sick to my stomach...

I am sick to my stomach reading all of these ridiculous comments on this story. The cub scouts are reaching out to those in need. Believe it or not, there are hungry people all over the world, not just in Africa. I can't believe that you all have the heart to even say that they don't deserve a nice warm cooked meal. Every family has their own situations that they have to live with. I am a lucky 26 year old woman with a daughter that attends Winter Park and do not need the assistance that these young boys are providing; however, my heart aches for those in need. A lot of the families in need are the ones that typically bust their butts still only making minimum wage because that is all that is out there in this economy. To the former teacher whose boy helped contribute....if you have such a huge problem with what they were doing, why didn't you take the donations to the homeless shelter then?? Also, THANK GOD you are no longer a teacher...your the scumbag that would take a kids lunch for talking at the table. I hope you will open your eyes a bit wider and see that no family is perfect and that children do not need to suffer because of it. I believe you need get your sins washed away as well. Go enjoy your perfect little life eating ribeyes everynight. I applaud your son for doing whats right and feel bad that he has to put up with you!! Just sayin..


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