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Warming Climate

First of all, the earth is not cooling but I won't even get into that b/c this is likely a religious style belief. More realistically, the earth is not like a roast beef in the oven heating up at the same rate all over. For instance I live near Alb. NY where the average annual temp reached 50 degrees for the first time since 1895 in 1990, again in 1998, 2006 and for the last 3 years in row. The Gulf of Maine has increased in temp by 3 to 5 degrees and has caused real changes in the fishing industry (no more cod lots more lobsters). This is a common development in this region. This isn't theory and you can say it's a coincidence but a the risk of being a fool you can't argue with the thermometer. Also, most of the earth is water and most of the added heat is being absorbed in the oceans. It is true that these effects are not as evident in NC and the South in general but here in the NE the changes and the warming are obvious and measurable, period.

Go to NOAA Climate at a Glance


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