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It gets better

The World Meteorological Organization has just released the latest temperature study that shows that last year was one of the HOTTEST years on record globally.
Does a year REALLY mean anything? Nope not when you are talking global warming that takes place over hundreds or thousands of years.
But what it DOES do is this. If you add last year to your pathetic 20 to 30 year argument that he earth is cooling then it completely the data to show an actual warming trend over the last 31 years.
Any argument that restricts itself to 20 to 30 to even a 100 years when talking climate change is a stupid argument in the grand scheme of global warming/cooling.
The study is not political - it is science. all it is are measurements, temperature readings.
Your argument that the earth is actually cooling over the last 30 years is now completely false if you add last years temps to the discussion.
Like I said - climate does change. It takes hundreds of thousands of years - it warms and cools and has been dong so since time began. I don't care if man added to it or not - it just happens.
Your Kool aid just turned sour Jamie



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