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It's the Culture. It's the culture. It's the culture.

The Hip Hop culture, created by young black males, is the most violent and obscene "music" ever created. For decades rappers have celebrated gun violence and promoted a thug culture. Rap music is a powerful influence on young black males.

School teachers from the University of NC at Wilmington will never admit this salient fact. Yes, school teachers from UNCW.

The inner-city black culture of drugs, single mothers, a refusal to embrace a work ethic, and myriad other problems are the causes of gang violence. I am sick to death of city "leaders" skirting the issue. Baby mamas and baby daddies are also celebrated in rap. I would quote some of the lyrics, but they are too obscene to be displayed on this comment blog.

The majority of black families in Wilmington are law-abiding, productive citizens.

It's the underclass of hostile and defiant young black males who are out of control. They are the Hip Hop thugs who think it's hip to draw their guns and go bang, bang, bang.

Prison? A stint in prison makes the thug even more glamorous. After all, many of their favorite rap stars are serving prison sentences at this very moment.


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