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First problem: constant

First problem: constant media fueled use of the term "gun violence". Until we get beyond the label of "gun" violence and simply look at VIOLENCE, or better yet, look at CRIME, nothing will be solved. We don't necessarily have a violence problem, we have a CRIME problem (although some might argue even that is overblown due to sensationalist media coverage and the internet). We have clear existing laws to cover what we see, we don't need yet more laws ("Many in the audience asked if stricter gun control..."). At least there was a voice of reason on the panel in this regard.

Second problem: teachers should not be looked at as the answer, they should teach, parents should parent. Yes, that's simplistic and maybe over broad, but to say "Teachers have to be connected to communities and families,” is pawning off the responsibility.

Talk about simplistic: "Panel members agree that once we fix that narrative, we will have peace in the Port City." I'm not exactly sure which "narrative" is being referenced. Is it this: "taking care of young people’s emotional and social needs"? So teachers are supposed to be doing this instead of "there's a lot of standardized testing, and a lot of data they have to keep up with"?

Oops, guess what all you teachers out there, this is your job now, we are all relying on you to fix the cycle of violence and crime. If you only didn't have to worry about getting the students to learn, you could be their nanny... (hey, don't take this as a knock against teachers, nowadays you have often times a very difficult under-appreciated task with limited resources and support)

And you know what, you're right, we can't arrest our way out of the problem--we need to stop the revolving door at the jails and prisons. Find one person in the recent series of crimes that wasn't a repeat felon offender. Why do the repeat offenders end up back on the street? Where is the focus on the legal system? Does everyone feel happier and safer after talking themselves hoarse, holding candles, holding hands, "taking back the night", "taking back the streets", or whatever?

Again, where is the focus on the justice system? Where is the pressure on the judges and prosecutors? Oh that's right, it's being pushed off on the teachers...

Oh, and my suggestion? Keep them off the streets.


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