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Well said jsmith!

jsmith...if you would have run against Saffo with your statements here in the Forums (As a Platform you have just posted)...Wilmington would be looking at a Mayor Smith instead of otherwise.

To back up your statements, and my 2 cents worth...Yes...starting the children out properly at home is necessary and the key...not as you put it...a Nanny service through the teachers. Teachers are there to teach what education is allowed to be taught these days...but minus (i.e.) "Geography"??? That's a killer subject that's been dropped, at least when my daughter was in school there.

(Quote): "Panel members agree that once we fix that narrative, we will have peace in the Port City" (Unquote)

How are they going to address the criminals in the streets "NOW"? Can't go back in time and fix it...can they?
Yes...keep the serious offenders "In Jail" and better yet...the ones under 30...offer their services into the Military...mandatory! Boot Camp will take a notch or 2 outta their britches.

Finally with the News Media: Stories such as the NAACP story, which was recently printed (WWAY) and presented "subconsciously/most likely" to stir up racial bigotry...and from what I've read on this news stations has done just that. That worsens the problems and draws attention away from solutions...from both ends!!!
12 weeks of Boot Camp will help...and that goes for both sexes too!


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