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How about this?

follow the pattern of the reality show "Scared Straight" or whatever it is called.

Step 1 -- if you can not behave in school, you go to the school provided for the incarcerated teens. Give them a taste of a future on the inside,

Step 2 -- if you have a lengthy record of misdemeanors and minor felonies, with no jail time and all probations, send them to Central Prison in Raleigh for a week-end. See how tough they are after a week-end of being ogled at by hardened criminals who may not get conjugal visits from wives and girl friends. That should open some eyes.

Step 3 -- if steps 1 and 2 have not worked, put them on duty at the zoo on Carolina Beach road. let them tend to the big cats including feeding and enclosure cleaning.

Step 4 -- if all else fails, have them wear a house arrest monitor and shoot on sight if they violate house arrest.

At the same time, if they live in public housing, and the parent(s) present can not or will not control them, evict the entire family. Or require the parents to petition the court to emancipate the youthful miscreants and then throw them off the public dole and out of public housing.


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