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It seems you need to make

It seems you need to make sure your "panel members" have an iota of "street smarts". I have NEVER expected a teacher of any of my four sons to "take care of their emotional and social needs". That's my job.
To blame rap music is equally ridiculous. It's not rap's fault how kids who choose to listen and emanate the screw ups of the rap world turn out. It's the fault of each individuals CHOICES in life.
The biggest problem? The need of people to be "politically correct" all the time. When everyone pulls their heads out of their "feel good" asses and we bring back some "tough love", on the part of parents, you'll see change. When parents take their blinders off and SEE who their children really are, require them to stand up for the decisions they make and don't turn a blind eye when they turn into Joe Criminal, you'll see change.
Tough love and awareness to what the children you brought into this world are doing...not blame on anything/everything else.


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