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So what's the answer? Take

So what's the answer? Take the children away from the parents at birth? Mandatory birth control? What's the answer?

You can blame a culture or a group all you want, but that's not an answer. Teenage mothers, who come from the same culture you speak of, without the means or knowledge to raise these children, are being thrust into parenthood. They are not capable of raising these children. So what's the answer?

You can't say 'don't have babies' cause they have already had them. You can't say, 'they need to take responsibility' because they are ignorant stupid teenagers. And when their children are 15-19, they are about 95% likely to repeat the same cycle.

So what's the answer? You take away the 'entitlements', the food stamps and the welfare, and you leave a society with poor, uneducated individuals who will ABSOLUTELY turn to crime. So do you wait for that to happen? What's the answer?

Blame does no one any good. So what is the answer?


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