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what does the final paragraph state or ask? Before Johnson's Great Society brought forth all of the government giveaway programs, how did society handle the problem?

History is worth reviewing. It can also merit implementation.

What do they do in other countries? In Thailand, as an example, your first drug offence gets you 2 years of hard time. Second, adds a few more years. Third gets you the death penalty.

What does the Muslim world do?

Where does it say, in our laws or constitution, that tax payers have to provide life long housing, food, and medical care? Where does it say individuals on public assistance, who are physically and mentally able, do not have to make efforts to become self sufficient?

Educators are bemoaning the fact there have been no teacher raises in a few years. This year NC repaid the Feds $154,000,000 for money borrowed to keep Medicaid and obscenely lengthy unemployment benefits funded. Billions more to be repaid. Why not ask educators if they think it is fair for them to see raises vanish so long term leaches can suck on the tax payer nipple?

Line has to be drawn somewhere. Start with those who make no effort to improve their lives. How does a woman, in good conscience, have 10 or more children, with Fathers unknown, when she can not afford even the basic necessities for them? They give away condoms at every health clinic if the reports on this site are correct.

And I did answer the question. Let them face the consequences for their actions.


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