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The gays are worse than the blacks using the "race card"...

...regarding the use of the "hate" word in reference to homosexuality.
The fact is, NOBODY has posted any words of hate related to homosexuals, they simply explain their "disagreement" with that lifestyle. The gays want to call it "hate" to draw attention to themselves and purposely isolate them from the rest.

Society is forced into acceptance of homosexuality by our government while our Christian values still see that behavior as abnormal. Do whatever you want to do, but just leave me out of it and be on your way. Don't try to force anything on me including the fact that you want everyone to believe your sexual orientation is normal.

You want your rights, but you don't want anyone else to have theirs or to be able to have their beliefs do you? You think the entire world is supposed to succumb to YOUR lifestyle, right? You're a very selfish and ignorant lot of mis-fits aren't you? You're very luck to have the tolerance that is provided to you, but you'll never gain the acceptance that you wish so badly for...ever. Perhaps it that solid fact in itself that keeps all of you so pissed off with those of us that disagree with you!


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