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No Wonder...

Directed to all Extremist whether religious...or simply Redneck:

The Wilmington 10 started in your most prejudice city, and now we know why.
Wilmington was the only city I had ever lived in, that was so far behind times...I expected the news people to announce (any time/and still do) that someone had invented something called "The Wheel"...or that NASA had landed a man on the moon...and I'm speaking about over the past couple of years.

To top things have a news agency that digs for garbage news the reporters know will stir up prejudice by the droves...then sit back and pat themselves on the backs for an "Award Winning Job Well Done". Your stories that dig up such garbage as you do, sounds more like KKK on the spot reporting, than an Award Winning News Agency. No wonder your Anchor guy Chris is leaving ;-)

Your citizens criticize other's lifestyles to the extreme (In the name of your Jesus)...only because you are extremely dissatisfied with your own lives/plus need a mythological figure to fall back on...and strike out at others built on hatred and prejudices...all along claiming and quoting words from a book called the Bible, which you have transformed into your own handwritten definitions as you see fit...then preach it!

You folks won't/can't even vote out corruption in your City Hall...just so you will have something to BITCH ABOUT! That's obvious. And you talk about how others invade your perfect lifestyles. Hilarious!!

Wilmington...reading your news stories and public Forum remarks like I do, just to see how much more "unprogressive...prejudice" that city is evolving into since my families departure...just one favor to ask for the people of the rest of this country. Whether it be your neighboring states...or as far away as Alaska or Hawaii..."Keep your lifestyle within your perimeters, continue to wallow in it, and hopefully Google will strike your news out of their search engine". The rest of the world could only hope!

Better yet...stay where you are, and if you want to strike out at someone for their beliefs and I am!! Leave your next door neighbors Alone!


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