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Can someone please tell me

Can someone please tell me why Christians seem to single out homosexuality. I mean I understand that you might think its wrong, but you might as well start kicking out student's who lie at home... Well, that I'm pretty sure would be all of them right....

Its been my opinion that Christians are loosing relevance in today's world. These are absurd things they do/create to keep control of a vanising base! Its so absurd how Christians pick and choose. They have lost touch with reality and also what they should stand for. It's quite desperate on their part!

There are bigger problems in the world than sticking your nose in the business of someone's homes life. And children should not be punished for it regardless. This school and schools like it must be moronic. I mean, even if their parents were "gay", the fact that they have the courage to still send their children to a christian school shows their love for God!!

You would have thought they talked about homosexuality in every chapter of every book of the bible, the way modern Christians are so gunho about that subject.


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