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It is a sad day for human

It is a sad day for human rights. Human being the key word here. I believe that all people are entitled to believe whatever and however they want to. But as a christian it is important to remember that God loves everyone. Many gay people are Christians and many straight people are Christians. It is not an issue of homosexuals or heterosexuals being allowed to have their beliefs, because both do and both are allowed to. But it is when children are excluded simply because of their parents sexuality. It is the same thing as excluding children who come from abusive families, biracial families, single parent families and so on. If every child who has parents with sin within their lives was asked to leave the school, their would be no one left. I've never heard of an innocent child being the cause of their parents being gay or anything else for that matter. This is not a case of morality, it is a case of exclusion and hidden agendas. When some of these children grow up and come out as gay, I fear for what they will face.


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