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A new father ?

Regardless of whether we're talking about this young man or some other person, being a new father really has nothing to do with anything. All it takes to become one is unprotected sex with another person.

If you Google up a street view of the neighborhood where the incident took place, you'll see well tended middle class homes and yet one or more party goers were armed. Why? It certainly can't be blamed on poverty.

He was a "well loved first born" and an "adored grandchild" and yet he still had a notable history of criminals activities. Why? It certainly can't be blamed on him being unloved.

The one thing all of these young black men have in common is that they share the same vision of young black culture. A cultural vision that embraces a vision of glorifying wrong choices. A cultural vision that's glorified in the rap and hip hop music they embrace.

Something has got to change in that culture. That change can only occur from inside the black community. That change will only occur if more senior members of that community pass down better values to the next generation. Apparently that still has yet to happen.


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