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It makes no difference how

It makes no difference how many police, metal detectors, fences of what have you that a school has. If someone wants to get inside to do harm, he/she will find a way. The bad guy always has the most important weapon on his side..........the element of surprise. You cannot protect yourself from the unknown. Ask anyone who has served in the military what was one of the first things they were taught about combat. They will say taking the enemy by surprise. Securing the building is only one consideration. What about when students are outside in the mornings or leaving in the afternoon? How are you going to keep them safe then? Unfortunately, school violence seems to be a sign of the times and something that we will have to learn to live with. I am all for teachers carrying concealed weapons. At least if someone were to get into the building to do harm, some of the "good guys" would have a means to fight back.


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