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Times Have Changed

As a 1982 graduate of NHHS it saddens me to see how many people have declared open season on our schools. I never thought of being shot when I walked the halls of New Hanover, but now you almost need to supply your children with body armor to go along with their lunch money. I have 3 children now 2 in high school and one in the first grade we no longer live in Wilmington but violents in the schools is every where. Even where my two older children attend school, there have been threats of gangs and other disturbing events. I hate to see what it will be like when my youngest gets into the upper grades. I see parents who let their children run all over them and it seems more and more that students run the schools. Teachers lost control of the classrooms years ago because someone said they must not hurt a childs feelings by calling them down in front of their friends and you have to let them have their way because some parent might sue the school system. This day and age some parents have to be forced to look after their children and school officals who are weak won't let teachers control their classrooms. Metal detectors and police officers with dogs have become the norm in schools and guess what people with guns still get in it happens all the time. Knee jerk reactions don't work and they create more problems than they solve. Parents need to jerk a knot in their children when they get out of line and school officals need to step up and quit letting the ones who disrupt the classroom get away with it. Then maybe the students who are there to learn can without feeling like they are in a war zone.


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